Responsive design

There are numerous factors which determine a site’s functionality.

Sometimes having an “aesthetically pleasing” site is just not enough to increase the visibility and popularity of the brand.

Beyond the content (an extremely important factor) which the copywriter can take care of, it is fundamental to have a responsive website, capable of automatically adapting to the device on which it is displayed.

In an age where 80% of users have a smartphone or navigate the internet with one, it is critical to have a responsive site if we want a functional website that achieves its goals.

As a result, no matter what device or browser is used, customers can access a single web address. The website will adapt its layout so that the user can navigate it easily, without having to resize, scroll, or move the screen.

Further to the advantage of adapting itself to different devices, it’s important to say that Google, the n° 1 internet search engine, penalises sites that are not responsive, resulting in a lower ranking and giving it less visibility.

Our company provides responsive design that meets your needs, making sure you achieve the best results.

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