Web Marketing Audit

The planning and organisation of a good marketing strategy and on-line communication can not be considered without an accurate audit of the visibility of the current brand, the analysis of the target audience and the communication tools to use.

The audit is necessary for the marketing manager and investors to understand the negative communication areas that can penalise the brand and an effective lead generation, giving them a useful tool to restructure the communication and marketing strategy, to optimise brand awareness and ROI.

Web Marketing Audit includes:

  • Availability of key on-line information: the information needed by a potential customer or business partner to build their interest in the product.
  • Analysis of legal compliance with current European and International regulations.
  • The ergonomics of the tool: how quickly and how easily a potential customer or business partner can gain access to the information.
  • Web system analysis for the management and profiled lead generation.
  • HeatMap: analysis of the home page that shows evidence of sections more widely used by the user than others.
  • Effectiveness of textual and multimedia on-line content of the brand for the purposes of better performance.
  • Analysis of the potential of profiled lead generation and estimates of conversion costs.
  • Analysis of the potential implementation of communication on social networks.

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